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La vinguda dels alumnes alemanys ja s'apropa. 

Aquí us deixem les informacions més importants i el programa d'activitats que farem a Barcelona.

DATES: 14 - 21 DE MARÇ

ARRIBADA: DIJOUS 14 DE MARÇ, 18h., Aeroport del Prat T1. Vol de  Lufthansa des de Frankfurt

TORNADA: DIJOUS 21 DE MARÇ, 11h (el vol surt a les12.55h) Aeroport del Prat, T1, mostradors de Lufthansa.


     DIJOUS 14. Els anem a buscar a l'aeroport i tarda amb les famílies

    DIVENDRES 15. Ens trobem a les 9.15 a l'escola i sortim cap el centre de Barcelona. Tots els alumnes de l'intercanvi. Fem ruta pel centre: Palau Robert,  Passeig de Gràcia, la Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Casa Amatller, Fundació Tàpies, Rambla Catalunya, Pl. Catalunya ... segons temps

     Cal preparar picnic, dinem pel centre. Cal portar targeta de metro pels alumnes catalans (NO pels alemanys)
        A partir de les 16h tornaríem cal a Sant Andreu. 

    DISSABTE 16 i DIUMENGE 17. Cap de setmana en família. Feu-nos arribar fotografies de tots vosaltres!

    DILLUNS 18. 
         8.15h. Benvinguda del director a tots els alumnes de l'intercanvi.
         En acabar, alumnes catalans pugen a classe. Els alumnes alemanys visiten la SAGRADA FAMÍLIA i passegen per Avinguda Gaudí
        13.15h. Es troben al pati de l'escola per dinar junts
       15.15h. TALLER D'ESTAMPACIÓ DE SAMARRETES. Tots els alumnes de l'intercanvi. CAL PORTAR UNA SAMARRETA. 
        17.15h. Vespre amb les famílies

     DIMARTS 19. 
         8.15h. Alumnes catalans classe normal. Alumnes alemanys visita al PARK GÜELL i als BÚNQUERS DEL CARMEL
         13.30h. Es troben al pati de l'escola. Tarda lliure amb les famílies

     DIMECRES 20.
         8.15h. Alumnes catalans classe normal. Alumnes alemanys PASSEJADA PER LA PLATJA. Vila Olímpica. Hotel Wela.
         13.15h. Tornada a l'escola i dinar junts
        15.15h. Tots els alumnes de l'intercanvi participen en un taller-resum de l'intercanvi: Gravació de vídeos i elaboració de murals (caldrà dur fotos impreses de l'intercanvi i material per dibuixar, retallar, enganxar ... )
        18.00h. XOCOLATADA - final de l'intercanvi. Al menjador de l'escola, per alumnes de l'intercanvi i famílies

      DIJOUS 21.  Ens trobem a les 11h a la T1, Lufthansa. Els alumnes poden venir a l'escola fins l'hora que els porteu a l'aeroport o quedar-se a casa. 

Un cop deixem els alumnes alemanys a l'aeroport, tornem a l'escola i seguim amb CLASSE NORMAL! 



dimecres, 19 de desembre de 2018


My teacher asked me to write a composition about the things I did on my daily routine during the 7 days I stayed in Germany. 

7th of December

I woke up at 6:15 a.m. and I left home at 7:05 a.m. to be at the airport at 7:50 a.m. All my family was there to wish me a good trip to Göttingen. When we passed all the airport controls and we were in the plane I sat with my friends Nerea Arias and Mariona Cais. We were listening to music and talking about how exciting our experience in Germany would be. 

When we arrived at Evershorst we took two trains, in one we spent 20 minutes and in the other one 1 hour. We had lunch in the train all together. 

When we arrived at Göttingen we were very, very excited and happy to see our host families and our exchange partners which were waiting for us in the train station. I met Aenna (my exchange partner) her mother and her sister. We took the car to go to my new home. When we arrived they showed me all the rooms of the house and where I could sleep. They’ve got a house with 3 floors and I stayed at the bottom of the house. In my room I had a very big television, my own toilette, a very big sauna and my bed. I had dinner in the living room with the family and when we finished I went to Aenna’s room where we were talking about our personal things and then I went to my room to sleep.

8th of December

I woke up at 8 o’clock in the morning to go with Aenna’s best friend who is called Emily and with her partner, Martina, for catching the train and going to Hannover. In the train we had much fun because all was quiet and we were the only ones talking. Most of the people were reading and sleeping. 

When we arrived in Hannover we went to Calvin Klein shop which I wanted to enter to see how expensive were the prices comparing them to Barcelona’s. Then we went to Starbucks to have something hot to drink since it was very cold there. Then we went to Innenstadt where we could buy lots of clothes and try them on. There, Aenna and I bought the same t-shirt from Adidas and we ate a burger at Mc Donald’s. 

After that we went to different shops just to have a look and we came back to Göttingen to have dinner. In the night, around 7 o’clock I stayed in Aenna’s room talking and listening to English music.

9th of December

I woke up at 10 o’clock and I had breakfast with Aenna. When we finished we dressed up and made up ourselves for going out together. I went to Witzenhausen with Emily, Martina, Marc Delgado, Constantin, Julius and Marti. There, we ate fries while we were listened to a fairy tale in German and I didn’t understand anything at all! Also there were people playing musical instruments and we were dancing around them having fun. 

We also took photos, and around 15 o ‘clock we returned to Göttingen. I had dinner and I prepared my things for my first day of school.

10th of December

It was my first day of school. Firstly, we went into a room with my Spanish friends and the German people.  There, we introduced ourselves by saying the things we like, interests, hobbies… and we played different games to know more about us. Then we divided all of us into 2 different groups with the German people which were going to be our tour guides of all the school. After that we had 15 minutes to have breakfast because the headmaster of the school was going to explain us how the school works. 

Afterwards we had a guided city tour of Göttingen in English and it was very interesting but we were outdoors and it was really cold. When all this time passed we went into the Christmas Market to buy something to eat because some of us were really hungry, and then some of us wanted to buy little presents to our Spanish families. 

In the evening, we went back home with our partner’s and we did face time with other exchange partners. I also helped Aenna with her Spanish homework that was about cities and towns. While we were doing the homework we were listening to Spanish and German music, but we didn’t spend a lot of time with the homework because later she had handball training. When she finished her training class we went back home and we had dinner with our family. An hour later we did a video call with Michi and Marc, who we were planning to hang out the following day, after school. But at 22:00 we finished the video call because we were really very tired and we wanted to sleep.

11th of December

I woke up at 5:55 like every day for going to school, and there we divided in different groups to attend to different Spanish classes. We had breakfast and then we started our fairy tales with our groups. My fairy tale was about SnowWhite a very famous tale. 

Later, we went to the town hall to visit the mayor which explained us how the town works and what would they like to improve. He received us in a room where he normaly talks with some managers about problems that they have in Göttingen. I liked it because they put us a video of some sports that there are typical , the typical food… and although it was a bit long it was very interesting, and he gave us applejuice and coca-cola. 

When we finished this talked I went to the chrismas market with Marc and Michi to eat a nutella creppe and to make some beautiful pictures. These two persons (Marc and Michi) have made that my trip to Germany was more funny and that I could have lot of fun laughing with them. Perhaps they aren’t in my class, I consider them very good friends on which I can trust on them, especially on Michi, because I have got a good faith on him but I won’t see him until the 14th of March. Although we could not spend a lot of time with them because we needed to go to Aenna’s dance training class i had fun.

12th of December

We met at 7:30 in a parking station where we took the bus to go to Bad Hersfeld. In the bus I sat with Keren and we were listening to music all the trip. When we arrived we had the option of doing theatre or making stop motions which they consisted of taking lots of photos of different movements. But I chose doing theatre and i stayed in a group of Emily, Aenna, Martina and I. I had a lot of fun when we had to try clothes on it because they were very ridiculous. When the time finished we had lunch all together and we went to the city looking the Markets.

13th of December

I attended to a phisical education class and there I’ve made friends but they are one year younger than me. I didn’t play any game because I didn’t want to, but it was funny watching how Victor played! When the class finished all the Spanish and German people divided into 2 groups which they did firstone different activity but then they would change. 

I first started decorating a pot, with glitter, stickers… and talking about what things we would do when they come to Barcelona. Then the bell rang and we had to go to the playground/cafeteria to have breakfast. When the classes started again we changed our activity by making cookies. 

First I was decorating the cookies with chocolate and then I was creating the cookies with different shapes. We put all this cookies into the oven and then we put them into 3 different boxes, because there were lots of cookies! It was the time for having lunch and we went to the cafeteria to have some fruit. 

Then we had to leave the school and returning home, but I went with Aenna and with 17 more people to eat a waffle in a coffe shop. We only stayed 1 hour and a half because we needed to retun home, to help Aenna in her Spanish homework because afterwards we had to return to school to present our fairy tailes. 

So we went home to make the homework and to pick all the material needed for maiking the play and show it to the parents. We showed to the parents all our plays, our stop motions and our theatre performanced which they had like it a lot. As soon as we finished, we had dinner in the cafeteria with all the things that the parents prepared for us, and all the biscuits that we prepared. 

While we finished eating we did a mini disco which we were making a circle and there was one person in the middle that had to sing or dance and the rest of the people were applausing him/her. I did lots of pictures with everyone as a reminder of them.

14th of December

I woke up at 6:40 to stay at the train station at 8:30. There I was really really sad because I wanted to spend more time with my exchange partner and with my other German friends. I didn’t cry but most of the people were. I didn’t want to leave because I made lots of friends and I didn’t want to start again my routine. It was very hard to say goodbye to them but during the time that we stayed in the train and in the plane we talked with them. Unfortunately our I was really sad but during this weekend but I will still doing face time with them and chating with them too!

Although I don’t do German at school, I could improve my English and the best thing that I’ve made new good friends that I hope to continue having a good relationship with them when I grow up. I’m really excited for when they come to Barcelona.

2nd ESO

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Last memories

"Aquesta experiència ha estat molt bé i ens ho hem passat molt bé. Volem més dies!!!!"

Marc Martínez

"This exchange was very funny and successful, we did a lot of friends and had nice experiences, but the time to say goodbye was very sad.
For next time we will bring our partners in the suitcase!!"

Arnau Martín

"Aquests dies hem anat a Alemanya i m'ho he passat genial. Hem après moltes paraules noves en alemany.
A mi m'ha tocat una partner molt maca i divertida i una família molt agradable.
Hem fet motes activitats com anar a la piscina, anar de compres a Hannover, menjar crepes i gofres, dormir totes juntes, fer tallers, galetes, obres de teatre.. m'ho he passat genial i m'agradaria repetir aquest intercanvi. Aquests dies els trobaré molt a faltar"

Paula Estrella

"I think that the time more difficult is the time to say goodbye to the people that in a short time you love a lot, people that everyday have taught us amazing words, people that have always given you a smile and that say "I love you". I will miss you all a lot"

Núria García

"I have really enjoyed a lot doing this exchange. We did a lot of funny things and I met a lot of fantastic people. I also had fun with my partner Luca, he was crazy!!!. I will miss you all so much! See you in March"

Ariadna Marín

Last day, last photos, back home!

And all good things come to an end!

First we played our theatrical representation to all the host families!

Then, we enjoyed talking, dancing, eating ... and went home, sad, to prepare our luggage.

Finally, yesterday, he had to say goodbye to our friends 
and leave to Barcelona

Train, plane and after three ours of delay, 
we finally arrived in Barcelona. 

And now... let's wait until March to welcome you in Barcelona!

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