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FRIDAY 13th - ARRIVADA A  BCN. – a la Terminal 1. Ens trobem a les 16:00 h 
SATURDAY 14th and SUNDAY 15th   weekend with the families - NO US OBLIDEU D'ENVIAR-NOS FOTOS!!!

MONDAY  16th- 
8.15h WELCOME by our Headmaster  
11:00 hr  Visit to Sagrada Família (NOMÉS ALUMNES ALEMANYS)
13:30 hr Arrival at school and lunch with partners (US TROBEU AL PATI)
15:15 – 17:15 hr   Workshop at school  “PRINT YOUR OWN T-SHIRT” (Cal dur una samarreta, a poder ser, blanca)
8:15 Visit PARK GÜELL (10:00 hrs) and BUNKERS  (only German students )  
13:30 h Arrival at school and afternoon free with partners

8:15 Visita al centre de Barcelona. Tots! Recordeu de portar picnic per dinar!
Passeig de Gràcia, Palau Robert, la Pedrera, Casa Batlló, Casa Amatller, Fundació Tàpias, Rambla Catalunya, Catedral, església del Pi, Ajuntament, Generalitat, Sta Maria del Mar, Born

17:00 Arrival at school and afternoon with families
8:15 BEACH DAY  - Només alumnes alemanys.  
13:00 hr Arrival at school and lunch with partners
15:15 hr At our school every partner-couple will make a POSTER with photos of their experience in the exchange. They can also record a video with their impressions. (both Catalan and German students) - Recordeu de dur fotos impreses i material per dibuixar.
18:00 hr  EVENING FAREWELL “CHOCOLATE” PARTY.  We’ll meet for a “xocolatada” at the school canteen together with our host families

FRIDAY 20th  Sad-morning (Trauriger Morgen)  Return to Göttingen  
Students will meet at the airport at 7:45


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And all good things come to an end!

We are back in Barcelona ... but we'll meet again in March! 

Here you have some of the photos we've taken these days: 

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Last day project: Excellent every one!!!!!

Vielen Dank liebe Gastfamilien!!!!!!!

Julius and Olga
Charlotte and Berta

Tom and Oscar Payo

Helen and Naia

Silas and Pol Oliveros

Lasse and Ingrid

Marta and María del Carmen

Robin and Amàlia

Markus and Pol Creixans

Nancy and Marina

Mattis and Gerard

Anabel and Núria

Erik and Oscar

Yuriana and Iria

Tom and Esteban

Jannik and Helena

Paul and Anna

Emilia and Ona

Friday in Göttingen

Today we have made cookies. My group was formed by Helena, Anna and me. We have made cookies of hazelnuts. At first the teacher told us the instructions to make them and the most important thing was that we have to put the solid ingredients first and then the most liquid ones. After we have done the dough of the cookies we have put them into the oven. When the cokkies have beeen done we let them cool and tasted them. They were great and we are very happy with the result.

Iria Calahorro

Baking cookies🍪🍪
This morning all the Spanish students of the exchange were in the kitchen of the school. Then we were separated in 6 groups of 3 people each. After that the teacher gave us the recipe for doing it. In my group we have made some normal cookies with personalized toppings, like chocolate, sparkles and food colorant. Finally all the groups finished the different cookies or desserts and we will eat them tonight.

María del Carmen Goanzález

Today we have gone to the kitchen and we did cookies for tonight's party. My group was Esteban and Naia and we did a typical cake from London. We cooked very good and I think it will be very nice. I have liked so much this activity.

Ingrid Fernández

Today we have made cookies at German class with our German partners. First we read the recipe and took the ingredients. While we were making the dough we were listening to music. Then we began doing the shapes of the cookies with moulds of stars, hearts, moons, ... After that we put the cookies into the oven. Later we started decorating our cookies with chocolate chips. Then we waited a little bit and finally we ate them. I had a lot of fun.

Amàlia Alòs

dijous, 12 de desembre de 2019

Stop motion links

Here you are the links for different stop motion videos created today.

Óscar Cerezo - Erik

Olga - Julius

Pol Creixans - Markus

Óscar Payo - Bjarne

Amàlia - Robin

Esteban - Tom

Iria - Yurina

Marina - Nancy

Thursday in Bad Hersfeld

A day in a workshop in Wortreich.
Today we have got up earlier than the other days because we went to  a workshop of theater and stop motion.
Me and my partner went to a theater group. There we had to make 3 groups of 6 people and our group made the play of "Des Kaisers neuer Kleider" that means "the Emperor's new clothes". It was so funny and so nice. They had lots of good dresses and costume. Today has been a nice day and we had a nice time there.

María del Carmen González

We visited a museum in Bad Hersfeld. There were two activities: the first one was to represent  a play and the other one was to make a stop motion. I made the second activity with my partner Julius. The activity consisted of making a history and taking photos of all the movements that the people, animals, things do. Julius and me made a stop motion about the doodle jump because I thought it was a nice idea.

Olga San Isidoro

One day in Wort Reich.
Today all the Spanish and German students went to the Wortreich museum to do a project of theater and stop motion with our partners.
I did stop motion with my partner. I liked it so much and I was surprised with all the things that we could do with one object and a camera. I liked it so much, it was so funny and amazing.

Esteban del campo

Today we did a stop motion with my partner called Yuriana.
Our story was about a mother duck that had a son but the son was very naughty and went to walk across a bridge and he fell into a lake. It couldn't swimm and then a crocodile came and ate the duck, the mother was very sad.😢😢
We had a great time and we had a lot of fun while we were doing the stop motion. We believe that this has been a very original idea and I liked having this good time with Yuriana 😊😊

Iria Calahorro

Today we made a stop motion film with our partners. First a girl explained us what we would do and how. Later we planned what story we would created, the characters, ... Then we started creating our stop motion. We could do it with paper, play-doo, toys, ....
After 30 minutes the girl explained us how to film it with the i-pad. Than we finished the stop motion and we watched the films. I liked a lot the experience.
Amàlia Alòs

Today we went to Wortreich Museum in Bad Hersfeld. That museum is about the German language and for me it is very beautiful and I liked it a lot.
When we arrived, we were separated in two groups: one of them was going to do a movie with stop motion and the other was going to do a theater play.
I got into the second group. There we all gathered together and they explained to us what we were going to do. We were divided in three groups and each group had to represent a fairy tale but a little bit changed. But the condition was that the play had to have the same moral as the fairy tale .
My group representd Rapunzel, but we changed it a little bit and we did like a mafia version. Finally we represented it in front of the group and they filmed us (it was so ambarassing). Then we talked about all the morals that we have learnt. I enjoyed a lot this experience and I hope to repeat it again some time in my life.
Helena Reboll

Today we came to Bad Hersfeld and we did 2 activities: one of theater and another of stop motion. I did the theater activity and I liked it because it was funny and we wore costume.

Ingrid Fernández