dissabte, 5 de març de 2016

DAY 3. Saturday. Enjoying the weekend by Marta E. and Maria M.

On Saturday morning we have visited FCB Museum. We have enjoyed the experience and we have had a great time together :)

Sophie Schüller und Marta Escribà

Today we have been in Camp Nou with our exchange partners. We have seen the stadium and the museum ("Camp Nou Experience"). We enjoyed a lot with them.

I am a huge Barça's fan, so I was so excited to go there. I think we all discovered something new and interesting and we have a great morning together. I hope they are having a good trip while we are enjoying time with them! 

Time flies! Here, there are some pics. :)

Me doing something strange in the stadium (while Marta was doing the picture).

Niklas and Lucas in the stadium.

"Press only"

 Túnel de vestidors.

Girls' selfie!

German students.

Spanish students.

Més que un club.

One of my favourites! Messi is the best player.

Group photo, with a Messi's pic.

By Maria Maroto

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