diumenge, 15 de gener de 2017



My trip to Germany was amazing; I was in Germany for a week with the Schlote family. It was so cool.

At the weekend, on Saturday Marieke (my partner) , a friend of Marieke and me went to the city and went to shopping ,then at 10:00h we went to ice skating and there we met with our friends 16.00h approx. we left the ice skating and after we went to the Christmas Market all together, at 19:00h Marieke and me arrived at home and then we had dinner , after that Marieke and me  went to the dining room to play with the WII. At 21:00h we went to the bed. 

On Sunday we woke up at 8:15h because we went to the farm of the grandparents, when we arrived we had the breakfast and we went for a walk with the grandparents dog, after this at 11:00h Marieke and me went to the swimming pool all the afternoon at 19:00h we come back to the house and we had the dinner.

On Monday the first hours I stayed with my partner in the class and after this all the Spanish students went to visit the city and later we the work shop and in the evening Marieke and me came back home.

On Tuesday all the changers students went to the PHANEO museum a science museum we stayed there during all the day.

On Wednesday we went to the Y-LAB there we learned about the Grimm Brothers and then we did an oral presentation about one of the tales of Grimm Brothers in the afternoon Marieke and me and some friends went to the swimming pool.

On Thursday we  did a creative project at school, in the afternoon my group of the project went to the Christmas  Market to do the final part of our project and there we finish our project.  And in evening we did a farewell party and in the end of the party each group exposed their projects.

On Friday I went the first hours with Marieke in her class and then we went to the train station and we waited for the train, when we arrived to Hannover airport we took the plane and after half an hour we arrived in Barcelona


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