dissabte, 12 de desembre de 2015


We have begun our Saturday with a rallie around the "WeichnactenMarkt" in Göttingen.

In groups, they have walked around the market and answered some questions!

Now they are spending their weekends with their partners. Some of them have already sent us some pics... Here you have!

Laura González, shopping in Hannover

And she has seen some amazing people there.

They have been eating in this high restaurant

And this is from Sandra Salvatella and Maria Maroto

Heeey! This morning we have been asking questions in English and Spanish about Christmas Market. We have seen different stools of handmade things and food and we have gone to Saint Jacobi's church and we have gone upstairs 63 metres! There were great views from Göttingen and we have gone to the Hochrad of Christmas Market too, with Jan and his partner Fynn. We have eaten there some "pommes frites" and "crëpes". We had a great time with our partners! Now we will still together spending our afternoon with our families!

Sandra Salvatella & Maria Maroto

And that's all right now... If we have more news from them ... and WIFI ... we write again!
Have a nice weekend

Mònia and Lurdes

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