dimarts, 15 de desembre de 2015

DAY 5. DLR_School_Lab

Today we have begun with one class... and then we have met to go to the DLR_SCHOOL_LAB for a workshop on aviation.

There we have been explained the activities to do

" Today we have had sports class but we did like a dancing class, so I didn't enjoy it a lot. Then, we went to the DLR lab, that is a place where they study the planes and spaceships. They did a tour for us explaining what they do and then we made our planes and we did a competition. I didn't win it but we had great fun and we learnt 
many things "


"The visit to the DLR lab has been very good, because we have made lots of things. We have made our own plane, and later a competition to know which of them was better at flying. We have also gone to a wind tunnel, that was really cool. We discovered how fast the wind can be, and we have also tried to simulate a plane's wing. And finally, we went to see how it is a real plane cabin. I've liked it so much and I hope to visit other places like it"


" This day, right now, has been the best of these days. Now I have a lot of information about planes. We have built a plane. Mine has been made with LOVE
 and arranged with LOVE for my brother Nil."


"Today we went to DLR_Lab to learn things about airplanes. We have seen the power of the turbines and the system they use. Then, we saw an airplane and the pilot's cabin. Then, we have made some planes to do a competition to see which on could fly more and the winners received a present"


 "Today we went to the DLR. It was so funny and interesting. We made a plane and we made a competiton with the planes. Then we went inside a plane and I took photos and selfies. I liked so much the DLR. Tomorrow, another day and more of Göttingen."


"Today we went to the DLR. It was spectacular and we made small planes and at the end we went upstairs and everybody flew this plane and I was the second to throw the plane farthest. I won the second prize."


1st PRIZE, BJÖRG, 2nd PRIZE, Albert, 3rd PRIZE, DAVID.

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