diumenge, 13 de desembre de 2015


Good evening everyone!!!

We have just arrived home and we've already found some emails... Here they are!!!

Laura González has sent us this photo from a Christmas Market ... we don't know where!! :(

Marta Escribà and Cristina Camacho say:

Hallo! Today in the morning Elisa and Cristina came to Sophie's house with us. We spend our time playing Monopoly and learning some new words in English and German.
Now we are watching a handball match and they are WINNING😊 (13-5)

BY: Cristina und Marta:)

Maria Romero says:

Today I went to skate fun but my hands and my feet are frozen

That's all right now.. but sure as soon as they arrive home they will send more news!!

Bis Später!

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