dijous, 17 de desembre de 2015

DAY 7. LAST DAY. Sandra S.

Hii!! Today we've gone to the PHAENO (a science museum such as Cosmo Caixa in BCN). We've seen a lot of experiments and projects, so funny!

After, some of us have gone to shopping in an outlet near the Phaeno.

Later on, Jan, Fynn, Hugo, Ben, Lucas and me have gone to the ice skating. 

Then we've returned to the school and there we had dinner, we watched our project videos and we have been talking and having a veeeery good time with all the german and catalan people.

Thanks for all!!

Tomorrow we'll come to Barcelona, I will miss you Deutschland.

We will meet you in the airport, bis morgen😘
Guten nacht,

Sandra Salvatella

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