dimecres, 14 de desembre de 2016


Today we have been to Göttingen Y-LAB, a part of the university on duty of working with school students about literature, arts ... 

There we have attended a talk by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Lauer, from Göttingen University. He has explained us a bit about the history of the Grimm brothers and their importance in Göttingen and at their time.

We have learnt that Grimm brothers adapted German old tales and he has asked us to do a pratice about it. He has given two versions of the fairy tale RAPUNZEL, one the original from 1812 and the other adapted by them from 1857. 

He has asked our students to find differences between them, and so they have done it VERY WELL. And we have shared our conclusions.

Then we have had a break, and after this we have begun a project on GRIMM'S TALES.

We divided our students in five groups and they were given a tale. They had to look for information about their tale and make a PowerPoint presentation. 

When they have finished, they have presented their works to the other classmates, in English and some even in German!!! AMAZING WORKS!!

We have had great fun and we have learnt a lot! 

Afternoon at school, working with our partners on our project about scientits. 

It's been a complete day of work and fun!

Bis Morgen!

Mònica und Lurdes

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